Rotary Swarm global grant @ 2022 RI Convention,

New on our Trafficking Survivor Reintegration Global Grant
  • They are reaching out to community organizations, churches, and Rotary clubs for on-site meetings/events at the boutique. This is a way to engage community members in knowing more about human trafficking and how the proceeds from their purchases will go directing to helping survivors reintegrate back in the community and work force. The first event will be held on Saturday, Nov. 13th. They need five (6 ft long) tables, 50 folding chairs and black tablecloths. It would be great if your Rotary Club can donate any of these items. 
  • A volunteer from the boutique and training center will be scheduling two Rotarians and two community members for Zoom meeting workshops with survivors providing information on how to address pediatric (0-18 years old) emergency needs at home, how to fill out an employee application, and how to build a resume and interview skills. Plus, two individuals from Pawnee Mental Health will facilitate a "what we do now and how to move forward" workshop. These will take place near the end of October. 
  • One survivor from the reintegration program has a job at UPS. We are looking at incorporating survivors as interns at the boutique to gain skills in retail and customer service.
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Fire Safety Trailer

As you may know, one of our Club service and community outreach projects is supporting the Lenexa Fire Department (LFD).  We will not be volunteering with the Fire Safety Trailer this year.  However, we are invited to attend their Open House.

Saturday, October 16, 10am-2pm, the LFD is planning to host an Open House for the public at Fire Station #3, 24000 Prairie Star Parkway (by AdventHealth & St. James). They are planning a fun family-friendly outdoor event, with kids games and bounce houses, extraction demonstrations, trucks and equipment, even a Life Flight helicopter that will fly in at 10am and be on display. I believe the Trailer will also be parked there, which includes the Rotary name/emblem.

Hot dogs, chips and water will be provided.  Thank you to the Lenexa Rotary members that volunteered to help cook and serve.

Thanks and yours in service above self,  Ashley

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Happy Sukkot

Happy Sukkot
Thank you President Christopher for sharing The Sukkot holiday with our club.  Learning about this important Jewish holiday, being welcomed guests and sharing challah bread served with your fabulous honey, cinnamon and butter dip was a much better choice than the Chief's football game.  You did a great job in constructing your sukkah as it was a very windy day!
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Global Plant-Rich Diet Challenge

As catastrophic wildfires and storms hammer communities in many countries across the planet and leaders prepare for tough reckoning at this fall’s UN Climate Conference, an ESRAG Task Force is handing you the tools to lead a movement that will slash methane emissions and protect carbon sinks, without having to wait for public policy to change.  It’s the 15-Day Global Plant-Rich Diet Challenge, which starts Oct. 1. Sign up here.
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Active Paul Harris Fellows

Posted on May 18, 2015

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